Get Instant, Accurate, 24 x 7 Doorstep ECG Service with Cardiologist certified Interpretation report @ Rs. 300/-only

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Doorstep ECG Service

Buy ECG machine @ 30K-70K from our company for ECG solution with cardiologist certified interpretation report

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Instant ECG Service

If, You have ECG machine, Select monthly plan for Cardiologist certified Interpretation service

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Best ECG Service

Get “GE Healthcare 12 Channel Mac 600 ECG Machine” for ECG solution & Cardiologist certified Interpretation report @ 7000/-months.

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ECG test with interpretation service
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Healthcare Services Instant ECG Solution

Cardiologist certified ECG interpretation service

  • Doorstep ECG solution with Interpretation service

    In this service, Our company provides "Door to Door" Cardiologist certified Instant ECG service with a diagnosis or Interpretation services as per the requirements of Doctors and patients.

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  • Acquire ECG solution with Interpretation service

    Get 50 Free Cardiologist certified Instant ECG interpretation or diagnosis service with one time investment.

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  • Complimentary ECG solution with Interpretation service

    ECG interpretation or Diagnosis service in your available ECG Machine

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  • Rental ECG solution with Interpretation service

    In this service, Our company provides "GE Healthcare 12 Channel Mac 600 ECG Machine" without any purchasing cost except the minimal refundable deposit.

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