ECG test ; important to rule out Heart problems

Aug 10, 2021 11:10 am |
           Winbri Life Science company provides Doorstep, Accurate, 24 x 7 x 24 ECG test with cardiologist or heart specialist certified report at very affordable cost in all over Surat city. Company provides this service at home, Clinic, hospital and diagnostic center etc. Winbri Life Sciences did more than Five thousand ECG test at home and clinic and out of this test cardiologist team diagnosed more than five hundred critical ECG test. The ECG test is very helpful for very old, bedridden, unable to move, lack of time to go hospital and some other chronic problems, etc. The ECG test is very important & lifesaver if, You have symptoms of Recurrent chest pain, chest heaviness, back pain, shoulder pain, jaw pain etc. The ECG test is primary diagnostic test for symptom of Difficultly in breathing or breathlessness, Palpitation or uneven heart beat, Giddiness or dizziness, easily fatigue etc. The ECG test is equally important in Hypertension or high blood pressure, Diabetes mellitus, high cholesterol or dyslipidemia, chronic heart disease etc. Many people don’t serious his/her symptoms, and they are ignoring, but we are serious about you and your symptoms, Just call and book your appointment. We are doing ECG test with interpretation service at your home with very affordable rate. Our team guide to patient for further work up and send to hospital in critical situation.