The Privacy policy explains the way in which we collect, use, share and process your

information provided to us by you through the usage of our app and website. You provide us

with the information during the course of using our services, as mentioned in the terms and

conditions given to you.

You are requested to use our services only if you don’t find any problems with your information

being used by us as in the terms listed below.

Personal information

Any information that can be used to identify you, directly or indirectly, is personal information.

This does not include data that has been anonymized by you permanently. When you click “I

accept” while downloading the app, using the website, or using the services you depict that you

have voluntarily provided us with your personal information and given your assent to the use of

it according to the Privacy Policy. You also give your acknowledgment to bearing the

responsibility of any third party whose information you might have provided us with. You must

be sufficiently authorized to share your or any of the third party’s information that you share

with us.

Information collected by us

While registering with us or using the app/website, these types of information can be collected

throughout the course of our providing services:

  1. Contact information (Name, address, etc.)
  2. Demographics (Gender, Date of Birth, etc.)
  3. Search histories (on our app, website)
  4. Financial information, billing details
  5. Medical records that you provide
  6. Medical information that you share
  7. Data generated through your usage of our services


Sources of collection

Your personal information might be collected in certain ways:

  1. Information that you voluntarily provide while registering, using the services, etc.
  2. Information that is collected by us through the network of our partner healthcare

service providers (to the ones you’ve consented to share your information with)


Usage of the information

Your personal information might be used for the following:

  1. Your registration with us. We can use your information for effective communication,

identification, providing services, fulfilling T &Cs, etc.

  1. For offering you personalized services
  2. Maintaining your medical history on our app
  3. Processing the orders that you place through our app/website
  4. Research and development
  5. Entertaining your requests and complaints, providing customer care services
  6. Taking feedback, sending alerts, carrying out obligations


Your rights

While we make sure that we handle the data you share with us with the utmost care, it is also

your responsibility to verify that the information you provide is without any fallacies. You have

a right to contact us if you wish your information to be edited or deleted. Any changes that you

would like with your personal information would be done without any unreasonable excuses. If

we find any grounds for suspicion regarding the information provided to us by you, we have a

right to discontinue providing any services to you. Any medical or confidential information that

you feel the need to withhold is not needed by us. Information already provided by you can be

withdrawn or easily edited.